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Raw Material

Veraval is home to one of the India's biggest fishery port our establishment is well connected with veraval port with the distance of 0.5 km we have our own cargo trucks to transport raw material from port to our establishment.

Complete care as being taken right from the beginning to maintain raw material under chilling condition for that only block ice is purchase from approved ice plant unit has being used.

Raw Material
We exactly know how to achieve for quality sea foods, our main aim during processing is to keep food free from any kind of adulteration and maintain it under proper hygiene condition.
Raw Material

The most substantial part of frozen sea foods is freezing it is a most significant critical stage because to create intended product any sea food has to be freezed as soon as possible.

Total number of freezers and capacity

Freezer Capacity
Blast freezer No.1 13 Mt / day
Blast freezer No.2 11 Mt / day
Blast freezer No.3 10 Mt / day
Blast freezer No.4 06 Mt / day
40 Mt / day (Total capacity)
We give importance to the fact that the product is properly labeled and not facing any mishandling and for that packaging room comprises of sufficient space to pack frozen products.
Raw Material
We have 2 cold storage with total some capacity of 700 Mt(cold storage no.1 = 450 M/ton & cold storage no.2 = 250 M/ton) the great emphasis has been given to maintain cold storage temperature with the help of advanced digital data logger.
Raw Material

We have our own in house laboratory where products undergoes quality testing and well qualified approved technologist from government of India for checking processdure to ensure that hygiene standard and quality control to meet the requirement setout in all importing countries.

M/s Indian Exports has laid down on the foundation of HACCP principles and every product has been strictly traced right from origin we have industrial R.O water treatment plant to provide to clean germ free water for processing and general use.

We assure you that your enquiries will be attended promptly and we can care your enquiries with superior & guaranteed quality product of "Indian" Brand, which has already gained good reputation among importers. Also for any of your requirements & queries, kindly feel to contact us any time 24 hours at your service.